Honoring our Mothers on MOTHER DAY

  • April 29, 2014
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In memory of my mother who passed away on January 30,2013 I write this article .She was 98 when she went to the other side.

I feel how special she was .Thanks to her I am a farmer, a writer ,an educator, a vegetarian personal chef , a massage therapist and last but not least an artist .She was the light that inspired me to endure , seek and love.

She taught me how to forage for dandelion and other wild crafted herbs .

This May 11th I am offering a special workshop on herbs to commemorate her one year absence from Earth.

Buy one class get one FREE and bring a friend who is unemployed so they can learn how to grow their own food.

As the Scriptures mention: Better to teach one how to fish rather than give them a fish! Or in other words :Teach them how to grow food rather than hand them FREE food!

Last week we celebrated Earth Day ..Mother Earth is the mother of ALL, that lives forever.

I take those moments to remember what my mother taught me besides gardening and cooking.

She was an inspiration of love, forgiveness and aspiring for a better future through education. She was illiterate herself but wanted all her children to have education.

I fulfilled her dream and got a BA besides another brother who also got a BA and another a PHD..

One hot summer day a stranger was invited into our home .He was fed and given refreshments .When he left I questioned how could one such person be invited to eat our food ?She replied : One day my son you could be a stranger in a strange land and you will remember me as you will be will fed and given shelter , though being a stranger in a strange land.

Life is a circle so what ever goes around comes around!

Mothers are fountains of love and compassion. Make sure that you remember to honor your mother before she goes to the other side.

Giving love and compassion will make us look more HUMAN and will bring us closer to our creator who is LOVE and MERCY!

Happy Mother Day…every day!

Love you mom!!!