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To RSVP for an upcoming class, please fill out the form below. We will follow up with you promptly to confirm your RSVP and provide you with additional details.

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    What is the purpose of you taking organic gardening classes? (i.e. setting up a productive garden-container or raised bed, small apartment/patio/vertical garden, community/school/wellness center/church garden etc)

    There are 4 options available for class attendance. You are required to choose at least option A. You may choose all or any of the additional options provided you have selected option A.
    Option A: Introductory Class: The class will be part theory and part hands-on (yes you will get your hands dirty!) We will have brief introductions followed by a lecture on cultivating the proper awareness necessary for organic farming. Next, we will have hands on application based on the training in the garden. Finally, we will have a brief Q&A regarding class topics. Class will end at 4pm. This option costs $30 with pre-payment or $40 at the time of class.
    Option B: Consultation: We will have a delicious meal cooked with common garden items, as well as in-depth discussion for those who want to begin a garden of their own. Farmer Tony will be discussing subjects beyond the topics of the class and scheduling Initial Private Consultations for working 1on1 with Farmer Tone. This option costs an additional $10 with pre-payment or $15 at the time of class.
    Option C: Garden Starter Kit: All you need to start your organic garden at home! The kit includes platform modules with containers, seeds, seedlings/cuttings(as available), organic soil, compost, millipeeds/worms culture.The kit costs an additional $10 with pre-payment or $15 at the time of class.
    Option D: Junior Gardener/Child Participation: We will have activities for educating young children about gardening. They will attend and eat free. Children are under the sole responsibility of their guardians and should be managed as to not disturb/disrupt the class or family may be asked to leave without refund. Children 12-18 may attend at a reduced fee of $10 per each section A-B-C-D!
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    Payment Options:

    Your registration is not complete until you choose to prepay for your options or pay the day of the event. If you will be pre-paying, you will receive a call from a Green Team Member to charge your credit card.
    Pre-payPay at the door

    Are you interested in a home garden private consultation? What are your needs and when is the best time to schedule a home visit?

    Are you interested in growing/obtaining: 1.) Tropical Trees (Moringa, Neem, Sour Sop, Curry, Mango, Avocado, etc) 2.) Tropical Herbs (Cuban Oregano, Kamasutra Mentha, Basil, etc) 3.)Tropical Vegetables (Calaloo, tomato, etc) 4.) Anything else?

    How else can we help you?


    1-Agreement to review the INTRO TO THE ORGANIC GARDENING CLASS. Read some of our blog and posted reviews, watching some of our videos, and reading and responding to emails.

    2-Agreement to Willingly Waiver and Forsake All liabilities pertaining to your participation at the Organic Gardening Class you have signed up for. This includes but is not limited to: personal injury/property loss/accidents/complaints/dissatisfaction. You hereby declare that you have no procession of any valuable items on you or in your car and if so, you declare sole responsibility for such if lost or stolen. You also consent to waiver all liabilities pertaining to the property location where the class is offered.

    3-Agreement to check with your health professional prior to signing up for class and acknowledging that you are totally fit/able both Physically and Mentally to partake in the Organic Gardening Class, both Theory and Hands on, indoors and outdoors, solely at your own risk and responsibility. You declare that you will not attend under the influence of or personally in possession of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or intoxicating substance. You agree to being dismissed, dis-invited or asked to leave the premises if otherwise proven.

    4-Agreement to pre-pay discounted class fee ($30) or at the door class fee ($40) upon approval and invitation to class or prior to class commencement. Also to adhere Dress Code and of being prepared to the class while wearing proper garden gear, drinking plenty of water and using the restroom prior to attending.

    CANCELLATIONS: Please let us know about cancellations at least 72 hours in advance. No refunds will be given for cancellations less than 72 hours in advance. Cancellations submitted in writing (email) with more than 72 hours notice will receive a 50% refund.
    Classes are by invitation/RSVP only and are subject to: 1) Rejection/dismissal of applicants 2) Changes/cancellations/postponement by facilitator without prior notice.
    Class Fee Payment is proof of student's FULL Understanding/Agreement to class protocol/disclaimer as posted at Tropical Urban Farmer.
    We are family oriented. We believe in moral values aimed at preserving and defending human, animal, plant and soil life on Earth. We don't discriminate and we ask you the same. All are equally welcome. By submitting, you pledge to respect and adhere to the Class Agreements.


    ~ Pre-planted Herbs such as basil, cuban oregano & karma sutra mentha, Trees such as mango, neem & moringa and other garden items will be available.
    ~ The class will be outdoors, protected by the sun and rain or shine.
    ~ Please come about 15 minutes early to settle in before class begins.
    ~ The address and phone number will be given after your RSVP is approved and finalized.

    Please let us know that you are an organic human and check the box below