This is another day gone in the countdown ,before we celebrate Christmass and the New Year Eve..For some ,another day is another dollar and for ALL of us  another drama ,like the shooting of school children yesterday in Connecticut..

When will we learn our lessons on violance? Preventing and fighting violance by NON-Violance programs like going back to nature gardening bringing more of our stressed out lives into NATURE?

Here is a recent study that links exposure to nature can replenish our cognitive reserves when they are worn out.How many of us feel tired and worn out these days especially with an ecconomy that is driving people out of their homes and minds?From bankruptcies to suicide and rampage massacres..(not to mention  wars  ..another form of legal and accepted violence according to some !)

Exposure to nature now is catching our eye ..Did we forget the Emmerson books on nature and Thourou’s?WE tend to forget as gardeners and farmers that our bliss is not in the “Green Bucks” that we make but reather in the “GREEN Crops” that we create and harvest!

Back to nature is back to the life in Nature .Back to the garden and the farm.Back to the “Open front yard” rather than the “Fenced backyard”.

Technology and gadgets are now running our lives .Shall we spend our life enjoying a virtual security which is actually ruinning  instead of running it!!!!?

Check this recent study to find out more about the Nature effect on boosting brain health…and power!!,0,2375233.story

I have been interviewd in 2008  by a local newspaper and in that interview I documented the reality :”Therapy Grows in a Garden”…There is nothing new under the sun.What is new is our own awareness:How long will it take us to understand that There is a Flower Power and a Therapy out their in Nature.One  just has to BELEIVE and Be Live IT!

Another day before we celebrate christmass and new year eve..May year days be all merry and full of CHEAR!!!Go garden!