I am an ardent reader of the Old Farmers Almanac and The Natural News.Com.To take the preventive way to avoid the flu and prevent it, I am loading my diet with on Calamantine citrus,vitamin C, Chicken soap,Lemon grass,GARLIC,Rose hips and carrot juice!!!

I read The New York Times  today and they were reporting about how  they are MONITORING ,screening visitors from Chicago at the South Korean Seaol Airport for gues what?Not illegal drugs,not arms…Simply THE FLU?


An ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of medications as they say in old..We farmers have no luxury for insurance so we take our medicine from the garden and the food we grow organically of course! By the way this information is presented for educational purposes only and it does not intend to diagnose or treat any disease and in doubt please check with your health practitioner and consider all this educational material presented as science fiction or old folk medicine that has been labelled as QUACKERY  before …and may be still considered so!But it is good to know anyway!!

Have you seen ,touched or smelled a flu  near you?Noticed someone sneezing or coughing? Are you concerned and do not favor  a flu shot because you are allergic to needles and hate pain feeling of needles penetrating your body, and would consider some Natural Remedies so easy to swallow or ingest instead?. Here are some flu fun suggestions from the Old Farmers Almanac:



More to know about combating the flu?