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Welcome to our Educational Program.

Why would you be attending my class rather than go shopping or be at the Beach instead?

If you are still reading this , and you have not  turned off the page yet ,then you re answering the UNIVERSE call to MAKE Your DREAM of a PRODUCTIVE Garden Happen.

There are three kinds of people , you need to choose from who you are:

1-People who Make Things Happen.

2-People who Watch Things Happen

3-People who Cry, ‘WHAT HAPPENED?’

Make your Productive garden Happen.

Why we need to  learn how to Connect First and set up the garden process second?

Farming or Gardening is all about being connected to the “Great Spirit”: Life Force or if you prefer calling it: “Chi”. Through the life force, we interact and connect to our primal senses, to our environment, to our food and to all our relations. It is our perspective that Nature is our greatest Teacher. To connect to Nature and receive her lessons we must activate our Physical and metaphysical sensors. We awaken our physical senses by using them; smelling the herbs, touching the plants and tasting the food. We awaken out metaphysical sensors by activating the HEART Chakra – they say follow your heart for a reason!

When we activate our HEARTS we learn by observing rather then by doing. We don’t judge. We don’t speak in ways that discriminate or set us apart from others. We are all one in the WEB of Body-Mind-Spirit, LIFE WEB!

In class, we learn how to empty our cups so to speak, before we fill them up again with new Knowledge. We learn how to BREATHE in Positive Energy and Breathe OUT Negative Energy connecting to the Universal Web of Life. Nature is TEACHER..

We approach Learning through the heart Chakra, opening the gates of mind, body & spirit. We are the last to declare we know it all. We are exploring only a drop in the ocean compared to what we can learn from the school of Earth. Please accept us as we are as we accept you. We are simple, we live simply and we let others simply live! Gardening by reading is much easier than gardening doing, but if you don’t experience, you will never truly learn. Therefore, we offer Gardening Starter Kits as a starting point of transitioning the learning process from “Theory” using our thinking mind to applied “Hands On” using our feeling Heart/Hand senses. We will get our hands dirty; we will touch and work with the earth’s soil (never dirt). We will begin to feel our connection, experimenting with learning by trial and error and using a living sensory garden tool: The Human Body.

Our Human Body is a CREATIVE Living Garden Tool-It is In a Constant Yin and Yang Movement and Rest Cycle .Producing and Using “CHI”!

The Chi “life force” being in constant movement, motivates us to create and produce. It flows into our body’s 12 MERIDIANS (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings.) Therefore our human bodies are part of the cosmic energy, staying alive as long as it is moving, producing and reproducing. That makes us producers, not consumers! We have been created with a living “built in” cellular code system, now discovered deciphered and labeled DNA by scientists.

Fitted into a functional muscular and skeletal frame, it is designed to produce energy in all its forms: Kinetic, Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Radiant. This energy circulates movement to sustain and reproduce Life Force, or Chi. Chinese Tai Chi movement exercises are simply a reproduction of the movements that Chinese farmers performed at different stages from planting to harvesting, even dance movements performed at the Harvest Festival! In modern times, we have become separated from our original outdoors environment, as early as the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.

Throughout human history, we were producers, we derived our food from nature, charged with the” CHI’ , life force energy. We engaged in hunting, gathering and growing fruits, vegetables and herbs to sustain our life on earth. We ate raw food. Now, we have transitioned to become “consumers” of man-made food mostly contaminated with man-made synthetic chemicals in the form of plastic, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers , hormones, colors, preservatives…you name it.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where does our food come from?

Don’t ask one another “where do YOU come from”, ask instead, “where does your FOOD come from?

Did you know that the ENERGY circulating counter clock wise at the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (ie USA, Canada) is a representation of the Negative Life Force? At the
Northern Hemisphere this might be OBSERVED as HURRICANES. They circulate and churn counter-clockwise and are NEGATIVELY CHARGED. This charges all forms of life with a powerful NEGATIVE ENERGY ion so to speak – including our own LOCALLY GROWN FOOD.

Why would we want to consume food produced at the Chinese or Asian Hemispheres, for example, that are POSITIVELY CHARGED clockwise Energy?

What I want to EMPHASIZE IS THIS: Locally grown FOOD has a GREATER charged with the CHI life Force of the LOCATION where we live .That makes a big difference when it comes to the quality and security of our food…period!

Where does most of our food come from?? Our Backyard Garden, fifteen feet away from our kitchen! What about yours? Is your food harvested and shipped to you 15 feet away or 1500 miles away from your kitchen? Wonder why you re LOW in CHI ENERGY? Check out where your food comes from!

It is time to LOCALLY re-connect and become one with our LOCAL environment, ONE with our Mother Earth, ONE with all our relations – the two legged, the four legged, the winged and now, the rooted (plants)! It is time to take an Introductory Class with Farmer Tone. Right here in the Garden!!Times are changing so are climates and so are you! YES you can start a Productive Garden and get connected to the LIFE FORCE”CHI ENERGY “which does not come from a can, but rather from a living garden at your backyard!

WELCOME to our Ongoing Organic Gardening Classes series!! One a time!

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