Next week there will be new rules to define the status of the Migrant Farmers . Capitol hill legislatures will pass a NEW LAW earmarked as  an “E-VERIFY  Immigration  LAW” to determine and define the status of the MIGRANT FARMERS in US.

Here in Florida where the state is second to California in Agriculture is embracing for a massive exodus of migrant farmers once their status become challenged by the E-VERIFY . Big Agri-Business is sounding the ALARM as per an article today by the local PBPOST:

The USA today had another article ,yesterday ,on Urban Farming or CITY FARMING in Chicago and other states.There is now a sudden AWAKENING for growing your own food .I have been crying in the wilderness for the last TWENTY years here about GROWING YOUR OWN and I contributed in establishing SWEVEN community gardens and FASILITATED HUNDREDS of Organic Gardening CLasses not to mention the help I provided to hundreds of home owners to start their own BACKYARD VEGETABLE GARDENS. Guess what? Now the wave is being stolen buy the PROFIT OR THE NON PROFIT  OPPORTUNISTS who $uddenly woke up to the DREAM of “GROWING YOUR OWN”..

Remember the pioneers who started the Organic Gardening and the Nutritional Supplement wave of the seventies and eighties, or the so called “HIPPIES”??? Where are they now? THeir companies and ideas were taken over by the GIANT COMPANIES!(Shall we say pharmaceutical or nuetracitical??)

The same people who wrote the books on CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS AGRICULTURE a re now writing the books and rules of the Organic Urban Farming! It is business as usual..unless you step in and hold on to your little gfamily farms or lands that you have converted into Urban Farms ..right next to the city sky scrapers:

We nee3d to send messages to the younger generation through ORGANIC GARDENING classes at schools and churches and community gardens.There is a lack of AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION in the US as this kind of work is looked down at as MENIAL and PHYSICALLY HARD!

The climate changes are drawing new borders for the future farm:CIties and Suburbs!Rural America has failed continuasouly sine the secon WWW because the land was taken away from the Family Farmer and instead the BIG AGRI FERTILIZER BUSINESS took over.Now it is time to REVERSE na d GO BACK to BASICS!