It is not a secret that farmers during the Great Depressiobn of 1929 were among the Big Losers financially.They lost  their farms to the banks as they could not pay their mortgages.There was another reason :THE DRAUGHT.

History repeats itself unless we learn our lessons !

There were five main reasons according to a  below study* why the GREAT DEPRESSION happened.

1-Stock Market Crash of 1929.2-Bank Failures.3-Government Economic Policy.4-Reduction in Purchase power.Draught.Learn more from history:


Lot of ordinary  folks lost their 401K savings and retirement pensions due to the stock market repetetive speculations and mini-crashes since3 2001.The fall and rise of gold now is attracting the concentrated wealth of the few as a safe haven against a weak paper dollar that is not backed any more by the presious metal.People are spending less as they are making less.Jobs are outsourced to foreign countries like Chinaand India.Farms are relocating to Mexico as the illegal immigrant population is being deported  and local farm unluvrative jobs do not attract citizens who are used to fringe benefits,insurance,401K etc..

Dare to question the TRUTH about the economy and you will face a probe like the S&P Standard and Poor 500 who downgraded the status of our economy to AA+ from AAA!

But in the Information age of the Internet the INFORMATION is already OUT THERE: Here are some samples of EYE OPENERS  for family farmers :

It is good to know as they say, also:Knowledge is power!