My ” Predictive thoughts on food shortages “, could be traced back to the 1980’s.

I took pro-action , I encouraged one of my younger brothers to consider AGRICULTURE as a profession .BHe did so following my advice and graduated as Agriculture -Engineer with a a PHD in Food Technology Nutrition.
Back then: I sensed that there will be some kind of climate change that might cause a catastrophic impact on food production. I just sensed it .How weird it is unfolding!Are you still procrastinting to take one of my gardening classes that teach you how to,” grow food not lawns”??

Back to our present:It was never late for me to go back to school even at an older age to graduate as a Certified Master Gardener , even after having my BA degree in Arts and Science . Deep inside me there was an INNER voice calling and urging me to work the land for a living and teach the living how to grow their own food.

It wasn’t until yesterday after watching a movie”INTERSTELLAR” , that I got some kind of OUTside confirmation , that we are heading towards a future serious challenge growing our own food ..Enter: Intersteller Movie!!!

“Intersteller movie” is a must see for farmers , leaders or even ordinary lay men /women who are considering farming as a career..

How could it be that:Farming for Food on Earth will be a challenge for the future generations?? Watch this before you answer:

Thanks to the INFORMATION age of GADGETS like computers and smart phones IT ,our hands and fingers t6hat were dialing are now busy texting and working the keyboards rather than the fields of tomatoes or what have you of crops!
That kind of manual or menial job, working the fields and DIRT, we have passed on “migrant farmers”.Those workers make us remember the Chinese rail road workers who were shipped from China back in late 18th and early 19 century to build the rail roads but were not accepted into society and housed in camps rather than our towns..just the way we uprooted the Native Americans and confined them into RESERVATIONS when they refused to be our farmer slaves..Then we imported the slaves from Africa and you know the rest of the story..Now what???..

The story is same but some different finishes..we got paid slavery or illegal migrant farmers growing our food!

but with different subtitles language , that we dont even want them to be part of our society hence the “IMMIGRATION STANDOFF” that want them out after We have lost the touch with Mother Earth and therefore lost the food chain LINK that kept us a HUMAN SPECIES together .We are now trained , specialized as INDIVIDUALS and living our separate independent INDIVIDUAL lives in contrast to living together as one HUMAN FAMILY or one community or one HUMAN SPECIES !

Agriculture was the first job man/woman has performed on EARTH .

WE lived off the land and founded farms that grew communities of farmers who then founded towns and cities, states and then COUNTRIES!!!.

Our founding fathers like Jefferson and Washington were farmers.

Our earlier FIRST legal ( but illegal? according to Native Ammericans narrative ) immigrants were from Europe .They populated and worked the land for a living .They were the first pilgrimages/ farmers..

“Intersteller movie” , portrays this FARMING dilemma as an ESSENTIAL FUTURE CAREER far MORE wantedthan ENGINEERING…It casts LIGHT into our darkness and even magnifies this through a camera lens .A Movie / of future food shortage or human species survival challenges through a sci-fi prediction PROJECTED at silver screen >It is an EYE opener !

Love is the mystery that connects the dimensions and us to the future .Most FAMILY farmers like the COOPERS at the Movie , are an entity of LOVE enterwoven together ..up from the grand father down to the grand daughter ..all connected and interconnected in an INTERSTELLER mesh, of LIFE ,Daeth and LOVE as a carrier key to the MYSTERIES just like gravity is between time and other dimensions ,that penetrates into the fifth dimensions taking us across the galaxies beyond our own solar system where we encounter other forms of life planted on planets by us or by them..THEY are the ones who built the dimensions so that we can connect ONE DAY ..and get together? date unkown or known??tHE mOVIE ..ends with lives SCATTERED LOST AND FOUND beyond AND WITHIN the limits of garvity and time OR OTHER DIMENSIONS..It is all about love if you could comprehend the depth of the story!lOVE IS IN THE AIR SO TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND GO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD MY FRIEND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE mYSTERIES OF love!

Man has manipulated and adulterated Mother Earth and the dirt will come back with a revengful storm abolishing all manipulated/engineered crops the last of which a corn crop at the movie! the food and family farmers were replaced with GMO MONOPOLY BIG AGRI – business of mono crops replacing the small FAMILY FARMING of CROP DIVERSITY !