Welcome to The Florida Tropical Sizzling Environment.Now learn how to eat to ward off the heat ,using “COOLANT “locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Talking about locally grown lends us to mention growing your own Tropical food at your back-front yard or even in containers if you do not have access to land.

Why to eat and grow locally grown food?Simply speaking:Your body –mind and spirit are partners with the UNIVERSE and Mother Earth .In other words ,your outside environment channels both food for thought(MIND) and food for stomach(BODY)to help you maintain INNER HARMONY or HOMEOSTASIS!

To start with some cooling tropical food , OKRA is the QUEEN.

OKRA is a SOUTHERN TRADITIONAL DISH.It grows in the sizzling hot tropical climates of the deep south and the Caribbean .Most people who are not native to Florida are unaware of this Mother Earth favorite Colon cleanser –peristalises agent -and colon Coolant!Says who? Ancient Egyptian/Ayuervedic / and Traditional Chinese Chefs.Okra: Try it once and you will love it forever!

Okra has a draw back as it drives away people who do not like its slimy nature.To overcome this slimy feature here is a solution:Steam it up!

My Moms Traditional favorite Okra Recipe for TWO:

1)Steam one pound of Organic or LOCALLY /Home GROWN Okra at medium heat temp using half a cup of spring water for 10 minutes. Set aside.Cost 4$.Set aside.

2)Using THREE TABLE SPOONS of EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL :Saute one sliced red onion/three minced garlic gloves /pinch of Cayenne peppers-sea salt-tumeric .5 minutes.Cost 2$.

3)Add 3 locally grown organic fresh tomato :diced or sauce.C ook for another five minutes at medium heat.Set aside.Cost 2$.

4)Mix above 1+2+3 with two more table spoons of extra virgin robust Coconut oil. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.Cost 1$.

5-Steam one cup of basmati or brown rice using three cups of spring water and two tea spoons of organic fresh butter or Organic Coconut extra virgin coconut oil. .Garnish with half cup of dried or fresh locally grown mint leaves,( I use Kamasutra mentha leaves from my backyard Mint Tree).15 minutes .S et aside.Cost 2$.Voila:Serve food for TWO at room temperature. Bon appetite.

A Home made and GROWN MEAL for two at total cost of $ 11 only..not so bad Tony Dagher.