Here is a new bail out to save a struggling chicken industry. $40 MILLION  to be spent by the USDA in the times of DEBT DEFAULT  and the downgrading of the economy.LEARN More :

LAKE WORTH:A S.Florida small town is leading the nation on SUSTAINABLE living by embracing CHANGE and BOLD GREEN ideas like :Reverse osmosis (an approved ongoing project to MATERIALIZE in 2012),Organic Vegetable Gardens( Workshop sponsored  by city commission recently/ongoing debate) -Composting Program of recycling kitchen and yard trash into garden compost(Ongoing Program ,started in June 2010 at the LW Public Service Dept.)PLUS a chain of GREEN ENERGY REBATES, example:Rain Barrels ,compost bins,and much more .

Comes the raising of backyard chicken petition and ensuing debate:

Recently , the city commission approved for the fiirst time an ELECTRIC BILL reduction rate:

Times are hard for the mostly working class community.The elected officials are reaching out and listening  and acting to elevate the struggles and activate solutions.

So, if people want to grow their own food or raise chicken to survive while facing more unemployment ,budget cuts and more financial hurdles, would that be a problem?

At least residents can turn trash into cash by composting and growing vegetale gardens instead of inefficient lawn grass!

Reduction of REGULATIONS and SPENDING BORROWED MONEY VERSUS INCREASE of INNOVATIONS and PRODUCTION of our own food including vegetable gardens and home raised chicken and  eggs might be a SOLUTION to our never ending love affair with CONSUMPTION and SPENDING.

Would the ideas of producing food to create MORE JOBS locally ,be more palatable now ?When we have less cash on hand and more hands to employ and mouths to feed , wouldn’t it be a good idea to cut on spending borrowed money and start empowering the community to be self sustainable by producing its own food rather than depending on SOUP KITCHENS and FOOD STAMPS??

You decide!