I fascilitated an Organic Gardening class to a grouip of Fire Fighters and their families and friends two weeks ago and guess what ..It was a big hit!

Fire fighters are among the elite of our community when it comes to putting their lives on risk to save our homes and lives when a fire catches up .It was a time to givbe back at a backyard where children ,teanagersand adults sat together to learn and practice a hands on organic gardening class .

This motivated me to target other groups in our community that work silently to GIVE and be a role model in the progress of our local communities.This week I will be working in a backyard of a Boys Scouts Leader who is gathering her scouts to learn another survival skill:Growing your own food…

Next move will be starting a class in Miami and Homestead area …As the word goes by:Have Shovel Will Travel.It always sytarts with a desire to serve our community especially during a Holliday Season.Growing our own food is now in GREAT DEMAND ..I am filling the niche and fascilitating “MOBILE”classes and your help is appreciarted to pass on the word to your schools,churches,wellness centers and non-profit organizations .Working together to start urban gardens in our backyards to keep the Earth A Living and safe Place for the Living is another NEW YEAR RESOLUTION we can add to our Santa Clause Gift List to our loved ones.

Wishing you all a Happy Hollidays and may your days  be  GREEN and Flourishing like a Bountiful Garden.

Ho Ho Ho   Santa “Gardener” is Coming to your backyard ..Town!!!

Ho Ho Ho