An urban farmer wish list for Santa…

  • December 18, 2013
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Here I am still waiting for my wishes come true..As an Urban Farmer who lost his land ,his car and still in business only to prove that Santa one day will come with a Christmas Tree and lots of unwrapped gifts for farmers like me:

1-Bring me “A small farm or land” to grow food for the needy and those who have lost their homes and jobs and now labelled as Homeless!Instead of giving one a fish teach one how to fish or garden and grow their own food.

2-Bring me a truck to haul compost and horse manure and load up garden accessories who wish to transform their lawn grass backyards into bountiful organic gardens that feed them and their families and help save on the grocery bill!

3-Bring me stability so I can get grounded rather than keep moving around rent.

4-Bring me students ,volunteers and avid gardeners who wish to learn how to grow their own food and have a land to experiment on what they have learned at my classes.

5-Bring me job opportunity in Sustainability or at a farm to work ,grow,teach and spread the awareness of Urban Organic Farming.

6-Let there be peace on earth and let it start with me and my garden or simply you and yours if you have already added your wish to Santa’s Christmas list!

7-Revise and Publish my Urban Gardening Book!

Have a Merry Gardening

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas