Once again chemical fertilizers Take the NEWS headlines after the WEST FERTILIZER -Texas Factory explosion .More lives were lost this time as chemical fertilizers explode .Most of us are aware that chemical fertilizers cause carcinogens in humans and pollute aquifers and potable water supply.The problem of ingesting chemicals sprayed on our food as pesticides or indirectly induced into the plants through chemical synthetic fertilizers now has a solution:Alternative Organic Non-Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.

A-Organic Alternatives to Chemical/Synthetic Fertilizers for N-P-K:

1-Animal Manure:Rabbit ,goat ,chicken and horse manure are rthe best alternatives for a good source “N” NITGROGEN .Cow manure is a controvercial issue as most of the commercial cows are injected with growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids and other vaccines. No one want a MAD COW Disease contaminated manure on their plants.Caution must be taken when using animal manure as it must be AGED, otherwise it will burn the roots of the plants.Chemical sources of nitrogen are AMMONIUM which is a hazard that causes explosions when improperly utilized.It is safer to use alternatives to chemicals that do not cause explosions from within (the cells of our body) or without of course. Example Rabbit manure which is considered as a COLD manure that doers not burn the plant roots even when used fresh and unaged!

2-Non-bovine sources of Bone and Blood meal. Vegetarians can opt to use alfalfa,cotton seed meals as an alternatives .An alternative source for “P”Phosphorous from mother nature and back to mother EARTH.Another alternative source is ground phosphate rock powder.

3-Green Sand is another alternative for the chemical fertilizer “K” POTASSIUM ..

Alternatives to Chemical pesticides :

1)NEEM: Neem tree is a native to INDIA and south east Asia.It grows in FLORIDA AND CALIFORNIA. NEEM OIL is widely and universally used as an alternative to chemical pesticides.Also the NEEM leaves and powder are used to combat bugs like the APHIDS and NEMATODES.The farmer attack the areal part of the plant while the latter attack the root system.There are so many names of predators that are divided among both categories.What you need to remember is NOT the name of the dis-ease or Predator rather , it is PREVENTION that must be the alternative to PEST KILLING CONTROL!Neem will prevent the predator from multiplying .I personally grow NEEM trees around my garden so I have experienced less predators attacking my organic garden.You can do the same …Neem trees are resistant to 150 predators and pests…Besides NEEM leaves could be used as tea,added to rice pilaf and curried recipes among others.They are edible and have no side effects.For more” POP EYE” details :Google:”BENEFITS OF NEEM”!I have used neem oil to combat the white fly among others and won the battle after so many rounds and repetition of treatments.


3)Insecticidal soap.Check out Dr Bronner too…It works !

4)Complementary Herbs:Basil,sage,oregano etc..

5)Essential oils.Example:TEA TREE OIL ,Citrus oil ,Cedar oil etc..(Use few drops in a gallon of water and spray in combination with some of the above .Experiment!