1-New comers to S.Florida first common mistake is to garden as if they are still home up north.Wake up call:Please forget about using a fork to dig out the SAND.Your soil HELLO is SANDY.So , start to learn how to prepare yopur own SOIL FREE of NEMATODES!

2-Upon deciding to grow plants in containers: Please refrain from adding STONES at the bottom of the container like you do UPNORTH.The stones will bake the root system of your plants!

3-Do not grow the usual crops as you do up north.Florida has a different HARDINESS Zone .Follow the guidlines of the new USDA Agiculture zones issued recently and learn to grow what is locally acceptable crops and not what you used to grow at a different zone.

4-Do not water your plants when sun is at peak or temperature so HOT.Water will evaporate soon.Learn to irrigate before sun rise and after sundown.More tips at our ongoing Organic Gardening Classes