For the new comer Organic Gardener Beginners,  South Florida has its special approach .It is different but not difficult.What to expect from the learning process is to be prepared to implement “HANDS ON”what you learn.

1-There are new USDA zones now in place of the OLD Hardy Planting USDA zone …Thanks to the climate change we have new guidelines of USDA Hardiness  zones .Check them out at:

Remember to list and locate what are the best options for the draught tolerant plants,temp,etc..for your S.Florida Hot Zone garden and not to look for or apply an out of state USDA zone  like where you come from say for example UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!??

2-Plan a location in your garden and divide it into different parts like for fruit trees,vegetables,herbs etc…Remember to apply the XERISCAPING the right plant in the right for example do not plant a water loving tree in an area that is so dry  or prone to draught and no access for water !!

3-Make an educated choice in choosing the type of garden:Raised beds with frames-Raised beds without frames-Container garden-Trenches-Hydroponic etc..Remember to adhere to Natural Laws in gardening.Natural laws are not man made or mandated.Get close to nature with an open mind to learn what is best as determined by the plants,climate and your location.

4-Be creative.Experiment.Ask questions.Work with other farmers and exchange experience and knowledge.

5-Check out the SOIL Ph of your garden..Most soil in South Coastal South Florida is Sandy and acidic…Leaern more about preparing your own soil if you do not want to struggle against nematodes and fight soil diseases or soil lack of nutrients.

6-SOIL.SOIL .SOIL:Make your own.Add organic ammendments.Add humus and organic matter.Add beneficial worms like mellipedes etc and keep your soil ALIVE .

7-Use PREVENTION in combatting plant disease rather than chemical and synthetic PESTICIDES.Remember to apply LIVING methods of AGRI- cultur .After all CHEMICAl fertiliZERS AND PESTICIDES HURT THE ENVIRONMENT AS WELL OUR HUMAN BODY.BE AWARE OF USING GREEN WAYS IN GROWING YOUR GREENS!

8-Sign up for as many classes with  a LOCAL URBAN FARMER who teaches classes OUTDOORS in  the garden and not just in a classroom.Gardening is a HANDS ON approach , so learn it the hands on way..and be prepared to get your hands dirty into the SOIL .

9- Start small.Check with a health practioner before you do any pysical work.Hydrate.Wear garden gear.Be safe.LEARN and UseGARDEN  ERGONOMICS

10-Volunteer in community gardens.Donate food to soup kitchens.Share the harvest with neighbors and the needy. Support local urban farmers. on any way you can.

NB:If you live in S.Florida and you need help to learn the Tropical way of gardening or start a backyard garden, check out our classes