Farmers are the ones who work hard to farm the land and GROW the food that GOES on the table.

Common sense says that farmers should reap the benefits of their toil and make money growing crops . right?

Guess what is the real deal and f who reaps the profits ? Specultaors and wall street mogols.

Speculators control the price of rice,wheat,corn and so on of the farmers crops..

Are we witnessing a wave of American Spring following the so called Arab Spring?

Most people do not know that behind all those so called “springs” ,and  the real causes for the uprisings .Guess what?Skyrocketing food prices manipulated by  speculations of commodities by Wall Street money Mogels!

Some one might “spring” out and silence a free speech right of an informed farmer who knows that he is losing money while the speculators of his farm commodities are stacking profits on his farm “products”. But not in FREE America.May be in Syria or any other totalitarian state!

What makes America GREAT is the freedoms that are granted by the constitution to the constituents.Free Farmers know how to think and speak out like most of the FREE citizens of this GREAT country America.So are we witnessing this FALL the fall of Wall Street ?

The mechanism of making some profit by those who farm the land, especially small family farmers,must be brought back to those who TOIL the land not those who SPOIL the land!The founding fathers like Jefferson and Washington were farmers.Lest not we forget that Freedom makes America strong and for now the weakest link is the one that defines how strong we are.Take out profits from farmers and give them to speculators and you will see more swelling of the sea of  Main Street demonstrators who are taking on  Wall Street.The bottom line whether it is an American Spring or Fall is always :The prices of commodities especially those that are produced by farmers.