When will you and me wake up to the natural LAW of BALANCE???

Our society ,our lives,our relationships,our acts , our you name it???..are they in BALANCE??
It is said that the Hurricanes are created with a soft blow of a feather at the other end of the world…True or not but most of Hurricanes that blow out in America are created at the other end of the coast of African Sahara …Watch out for Hurricanes and Saharan heat this summer..Be prepared .Be balanced!

Drink a lot of water and hydrate.Learn how to keep the inner balance of HOMEOSTASIS!!!!

My gardening classes are all about bringing back balance by getting GROUNDED at the GARDEN!!

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Why stop to smell the roses ,and take a gardening class, at my garden?

It is all about getting in touch with MOTHER EARTH through gardening!

When you are immersing your hands in the garden soil , you are creating balance with Mother Earth relation.You are getting connected to the source of our food.When you take off your shoes and walk bare foot at your backyard garden you are creating balance doing nothing other than smelling an herb or a flower and observing nature. Concentration and balance is ruled by our nervous system.Look how many of us are out of balance reaching out from opiates drugs, alcohol, smoke..you name it addictions trying to relax and have peace within borrowing from without things !

Our home is the EARTH..Let the garden be your sacred place for prayers,meditation for inner balance and peace rather that the opiates family..

Read the article : Health grows in a garden published by the local newspaper:Sun-sentinel:


The earth is a space ship hanging out in space in balance..we humans when we lose our balance in Body-Mind -Spirit…we create havoc and hurricane like effects in our life.Watch out for what you do to OTHERS ..Native Americans pay attention to FEATHERS…Could it be what the QUEEN OF BALANCE Myioko Sako is trying to tell us through her acts of balance??

Seeing is believing:

Prof. Manfred Max Neef “everything is just one whole in which we are inseparable part.” Like the insects in our environment play their own role in keeping our planet alive. Therefore, if we were to destroy them all we do not know what might have happened to us. Well, as you pay attention to this video, please take notice what happen to the balance when Miyoko Shida removed the feather. The world is assembled the same way, we do not know for sure what is holding us together therefore we cannot eliminate that which we know nothing about.”