Once upon a time , I asked a 4-H eight years old , who was taking one of my gardening class session- :”Where do the Tomatoes come from?”

His answer was: ” P” Supermarket!!! He did not say the farm or garden ,because he grew up in a city.He never before saw a tomato growing on a vine at a farm or garden!!

Back to the NOW:There are rumors news circulating by the main stream media about this subject .” Publix trying to buy Whole Foods”..

Is it for real..I do not know??? But is it worth checking from a farmers point of view? Yes!.

First read the first hand news as per the WPB POST regarding the alleged Publix acquisition :


Going back into the nineties where I remember there were a cluster of Health Food Stores, here in South Florida , either run by Pop and Mom / family owned/small business enterprenuers or even relatively smalerl companies like: Wholy Harvest,Wild Oats ,Bread of LIfe ,Nutrition World etc..They are now history and no more .Surprisingly enough the majority were and some were sold and acquired by Whole foods giant or simply went out of business !

I remember also those pioneer farmers/vitamin -family owned or small businesses like:Shaklee , Solgar , Solary etc..They disappeared or were acquired by a giant corporation : Nutracueticals!

Some one might say , not totally true as we still have them around..Correct.They are still around as the original name was kept but the acquisition took place while you are unaware and still so???

Enter the end of small and family businesses /diversity , and the beginning age of HEALTH FOOD /VITAMINS monopoly in the Organic food industry !

To back up my statement about the disappearing MOM and POP Health Food Stores, I will mention one that used to exist in Delray Beach for 38 years.Nutrition Cottage is the one I am talking about.The owners are Mark and Karen a Pop and Mom..They had to close down the store as they could not afford the increase of rent .How many cared or noticed? I did .Mark was a big supporter of LOCAL Organic Farmers.He even invited me several times to give Organic Gardening Seminars at his Health Food Store.Not only did I lose a supporter to local farmers but we all lost the only Health Food Store in Delray Beach..and on top 15 jobs were lost.

Talk about a growing job market and economy, just add more misinformation baloney by the main stream media.By the way, Mark told me that he called all local main stream media to do a coverage , none showed up!!!

Lately , I read in a localharvest newsletter how we as Farmers , are losing grounds as more farms and farmers disappear :


I noticed that more AGRARIAN land is being \transformed into by developments here in south Florida and beyond ,please refer to my previous article onEarth Day/ Everglades Ag. Reserve :

Why are we so silent and reluctant to stand up against the disappearing farms and farmers???

Why are we not active at claiming our responsibility to protect the agrarian and fertile soil?

Why are we not teaching our children and grandchildren the farming and gardening skills that we have learned from our fathers .Our country was built by pilgrims who were farmers.Our founding fathers like Jefferson and Washington were farmers.

Why are you not a PRODUCING gardener / farmer but rather a consumer who rushes to the supermarket to buy rather than grow your own food???

It is not a secret anymore that Russia invaded Ukraine because it is the Bread Basket of Europe:http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?page=43&t=717050

Quote:” The eastern part of Ukraine bordering Russia is home to more than 15 million ethnic Russians and remains literally the bread basket of eastern Europe, with some of the richest soil on earth. In 2009 Ukraine was the world’s third largest grain exporter after the USA and EU, and ahead of Russia and Canada.[1] Ukraine’s famous black soil, chornozem, is considered the most fertile in the world, and covers two-thirds of Ukraine.[2] The area around the rivers Dnieper and Dniester is the only place in the world where the width of the so-called ‘sweet’ black soil reaches 500 km. This soil is exceptional in providing very high quality harvests and belongs to the national wealth. Western agribusiness companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, ADM and Kraft Foods are reportedly salivating over the prospect of an end to the internal Ukrainian political stalemate in hopes of exploiting these resources. ” Unquote.

By the way do you know who owns some of the the big Agri-seeds/food industries in the US?

Monsanto and ADM and KRAFT and …OH…Who owns KRAFT? Your famous cigarette /tobacco company REYNOLD ROTHMANS …Off course you know who owns Monsanto??

Do you need more motivation to start growing your own food?Just do it for the sake of your children if not for your own sake !

Happy Fathers Day…Go Grow a Productive FOOD Garden….You fail only when you STOP trying!!Need help? Contact a farmer near you in South Florida