Happy New Year ..No numbers in mind!

  • December 31, 2012
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How many of us drink coffee to stay alert or wake up from a nights sleep deprivation OR A  HANGOVER OR WHAT HAVE YOU!.How many of us daily are aware of being awake as we are rushing to a job while half asleep,  or rushing to catch a bus,plane or an event half dressed or half finished our lunch or breakfast or what have you?.The answer lies in MILLIONS ..Welcome to the human commerce race calender of COUNTED NUMBERS or AGES counting LIVES! That brings some sense for the motto:”life or time as money”( one more day one more dollar).Thinking of a new year taking away one more year of my life  on earth or just adding one more year of my age TIME ?!Numbers are they added to NAME or NUMB US??( Think:social security number) !Do they :Deprive us of who we are REALLY:Free Spirits?! WE COUNT DAYS,MONEY,YEARS,AGE,EVEN  MUSIC  NOTES .WE GAVE THEM NUMBERS . STILL  RYHTEMS ARE NOT NUMBERS BUT RATHER BIOLOGICAL rymes echoing our spiritual steps as we walk in steps not fly in miles.(Think Cyrcadian rythems).May be we are now experiencing a chaotic crazy time you name it ,from ecconomy to relationships that are ending in depressions or better pronounced recessions!The countdown for a new year is by slowing down ..rather than rushing to finish what we have started.Taking a silent step to stop and SMELL THE ROSES and connect BACK WITH nature .Meaning let us get back to basics and live as simple as we did millions of years before ,where we lost count of years and manmade  calenders or timetables.Being slaves to the clock of a commercial life TIME on earth that gives us meanings in numbers ,like we have a penny then we are worth a penny , right?Imagine life without a clock or a calender or even age…I think most of us mortals would love it to live a life and feel it PRESENT NOW and forget about for a moment , life after this life …I found this life: It is in NATURE.Give it a try and go out and live part of your life outdoors as close to Nature and you will find out for your self, at least you will feel younger and you will look younger as well without dyes added to the hair or plastic surgery needed for your face!Love is in the AIR..Well,go and get some!It is FREE .Most valuable things in life are FREE just like :Freedom,Air,water,wild grown medicinal herbs, earth ..and…   LOVE!!!Put a price tag on the above and witness what happens????Remember the story of Methusala and how long he lived on EARTH..More than 600 years…also other stories of Adam and the early fathers who were centurians…The secret :They lived in accordance with the Rythems of Nature and close to Nature.They were farmers and gardeners .They grew their own food. I want to mention one example from NATURE:Plants and birds .They cope and follow the RYTHEMS of NATURE .They wake up with sunset and they go to sleep with sundown…most of them.Look at MAN in contrast!!! o .They START THEIR DAY WITH SONGS AND RYHTEMS AND TUNES .WHERAS WE HUMANS START OUR DAY WITH NOISES FROM AN ALARM CLOCK or  RADIO OR Engines of a PLANE OR CAR OR STREETS BURSTING WITH TRAFFIC POLLUTION!WHAT A DIFFERENCE?Have a Happy Healthy unhurried New Year ..No numbers in mind!!!One more thing to think about the impotence of our strife to amass gold as another value for our Time  on EARTH.There was a man who was reported dead for a month inside his house.He had a heart attack and died alone.When the neighbors called the authorities complaining of a HORRIBLE smell coming from the house , they found in his garage beside his decomposed corpse all kind of GOLD COINS that are worth of 2.7 MILLION $.They found out a distant cousin to allocate the inheritance…Someone penniless became a millionaire overnight while the one who collected the fortune died alone at home and his corpse decomposed until it rotted..What does man benefit if he” wins all the gold of the world but loses his life the next day”…?  Have a Meaningful Bountiful,Healthy LONG Life  …and a Happy New Year… Thank you for supporting your local Urban Farmer.