Back then farmers used “Farmers Almanach” to predict and learn more about the weather before they grow their crops.

Now what do we use? Computers and gadgets that have predicted fourteen tropical storms including four major Hurricanes in Florida, but there was none.

They had to shut down the Weather Prediction Center in Colorado. I wonder why?

It is the Holliday spirits that we are living NOW . No one wants to spoil it with bad news .I want to believe and experience a Happy Holliday Now .HAPPY ??? hOW MANY TIMES WE SAY THIS WORD THESE DAYS BUT WE ARE STILL UNHAPPY DEEP DOWN BECAUSE WE ARE DISTRACTED AWAY FROM OUR REAL BEING AND INSTEAD WE ARE BUSY RUNNING TO BUY A GIFT OR A thing THAT WILL FILL A SPACE ON A SHELF AND COLLECT DUST INSTEAD OF feelings!

Happiness is something that we feel. Helping others make us feel happy(GOOD) . Loving others make us feel Happy(GOOD) .Forgiving others as well. In fact we do not pay attention to our inner being and instead we are so busy working on our outer being (Image)!!LOOKS!!!

Hormones trigger stress which triggers physical and mental dis-ease or ILLS. Traditionally , we revert to ALLOPATHIC medicine to treat DIS-EASE and mask it with pills .Think good, say good and do good teaches the Christ and the Buhda , to create a GOOD KARMA and feel GOOD ourselves ,so we can appreciate the vibrations of LOVE and LIFE.

God is not an IMAGE we create with our hands or minds. God is a being WITHIN us .An invisible SPIRIT . God is a four letter word : GOOD! The loving act when mutual ,back and forth ,generates a SPARK of LIGHT call it a SMILE that lightens our face and jumps our hearts that makes us FEEL GOOD.

When we help and love others we connect with our inner self and feel GOD within us .Love, peace and happiness are sources within us that need to be excavated with our ACTS. Gifts are objects from without given away .Presents are gifts they have emotional value.

They are from LOVED and BELOVED ONES! F E E L I N G S ? Does it ring a bell?

The present is NOW . Living gifts are those that we offer by BEING PRESENT NOW in proximity to the ones we LOVE.I watch how cats and dogs show their love when they come closer and sit next to us as long as it takes without even uttering a sound. Giving ourselves as presents by showing a feeling of Love or even compassion to others, triggers a similar response in reciprocation with PRESENTS,WORDS and ACTS that make us feel HAPPY. Let us cherish our dreams with LOVE and nurture our resolutions with RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS to one another first .

Going back to basics , starting with the Garden to grow our own food with LOVE .NO GMO .NO PESTICIDES. Let us take the dirt road and let us immerse our hands in the dirt again like our fathers and grandfathers did back at the VICTORY garden not long ago and teach our children to love the land and live off the land .Lest there comes back a REPEATED HISTORY of economic double dip -dip- ression!

2014 is a few days away from today. Are we ready to make a GREEN dream come true or are we doomed into another BLACK economic crash?.I am ready to garden and grow my own food .I have a GREEN DREAM .Are you ready?

We will be soon revisiting the VICTORY GARDEN and learn from history even as we learn that China will be producing food for us, like chicken nuggets for example .We will be sending frozen chiken meat to return back as finished processed food from China soon. I am not predicting this but rather I want to quote a fellow farmer who has just witnessed it:

I want to believe NOT what my eyes were reading at this spontaneous MONEY NEWS WEB which I suddenly bumped at today ,had it not for a DREAM two nights ago.

I woke up last night , so depressed, remembering a black dream . I saw it in black and white (I dream at night and therefore my dreams are dark no colors!). I saw more economic crashes and more people losing homes and jobs .I picked up the newspaper in the morning and lo and behold: News papers are talking about how the economy is RECOVERING and rebounding .Whom shall I believe??

Believe not my black dream but those FACTS of people who have economic credibility in their bank accounts and educational background like TRUMP ,SCHIFF and others .Check this article on Massive Wealth Destruction and be your own DREAMER :

Know and do your math and economics , as you learn how to grow your own food .It is good to know before you grow!

Happy New Year 2014