Keeping the heat on White FLY..until it dies!

  • June 19, 2013
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Why the “White Fly” is the LATEST HOT Gardening TOPIC in the Tropics?Taking a pre-requisit gardening course of action prior to a gardenning course , might be the right thing to start with..

Gardening is an experiential thing.Lot of garden enthusiasts who wish to garden in the tropics revert to the internet,books,magazines and indoor classes that ripe with reading THEORY materials.For your eyes only Gardening is a HANDS ON course of ACTION:First learn to immerse your BODY hands in the dirt prior to getting occupy your MIND eyes learning process.

Comes the topic of why the White Fly is the old-new menace of the “garden” terrace?

South Florida has been struggling with the white fly challenge for the last ten years. Some refer to the Wf as an imported garden predator.Some chose to unleash chemical warfare by using synthetic pesticides especially when the white fly endemic becomes systemic.For those who look for alternative solutions other than the chemical killing pest control,hope is on the horizon.Introducing NEEM TREE .

Now for the avid gardener, education and experience are of the essence upon seeking selective answers for the garden challenges.

1-Horticulural Decisions based on Education:As a certified Florida Master Gardener I learned to value research and consulting educated horticulturist and farmers .It pays to search and research.Seeking is one of the main pillars when it comes to Native American cultures.I remember a wise Native American Lakota Chief once teaching me about two primal creations:1-Life 2-Seeking.So here I go seeking to learn from a research done by University of Florida listing two Plant based BOTANICAL solutions ,among other chemical pesticides.Because I chose the Organic Way as a path for urban farming ,I select and emphasize using the following as an educated decision for combating the white fly endemic in S.Florida among other environmentally friendly ,non chemical solutions: NEEM oil and Pyrethrine .Both are NATURAL and non chemical Botanical plant based Pesticides used to combat the white fly and its cousin the spiraling white fly.Source :

2-Horticultural Decisions based on Experience:From my personal experience of more than twenty years of hands on urban farming in S.Florida, I have learned to use NEEM as a solution to myriad garden challenges in the S.Florida garden.My experience of growing ,harvesting NEEM TREES using Neem oil have convinced me that there are alternative solutions to combat the white fly chief among them is PLANTING several NEEM trees in our yards as a preventive approach to repel and combat garden predators like the WHITE FLY for example,without inflicting collateral damage on humans,the environment,animals or even plants themselves that are attacked by pests and garden predators..Why Neem works ? Here is an ancient answer from INDIA the Source of Ayeurvedic Culture .Here is a glimpse of experiential data that originates in the ancient Sanskrit Indian Culture that states the Value of the NEEM tree.It is used as a PLANTand EARTH friendly fungicide, pesticide, herbicide,and whatever you as an Ayeurvedic disciple in ancient SANSKRIT decide to believe in a human BODY-MIND-SPTIRIT “remedycide” .The time has come when the remedy that is used on EARTH – PLANT -ANIMAL-HUMAN forms of life DOES NO KILL or HARM the Forms of Intelligent life whatever their manifestations be. Neem oil is a BALSSAM that HELPS and NEVER HURTS.Do NO Harm is the OATH of HIPPOCRETES the father of Medicine that Doctors pledge.I hope Farmers heed and follow the Hippocretes Oath as well to do no harm to Earth and Plants by refraining from using Chemical Pesticides that KILL! Source:
If you need garden help or consultation on how to combat the white fly using alternatives to chemical pesticides or wish to attend our organic gardening classes ,please email us us on YOU TUBE:Tony Dagher urban gardener.