Lake Worth Garden Party

  • July 12, 2011
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Lake Worth Every Minute

This past Saturday started out with torrents but inside the Lake Worth Maintenance Dept. a group of people hoping for a green thumb, some  from as far away as Belle Glade took advantage of the free composting class and container gardening,  given by Tony Dagher courtesy of the City of Lake Worth.  We were greeted with lush baskets of every sort of plants all grown in compost. Pardon for not mentioning even one bloom as I know nothing of gardening.  What I do know, most of us in this area have Sugar Sand in our yards and nematodes.  Another class will be given Aug. 8 and I will be  there again.

The presentation was very interesting on several levels.  Tony presented it with humor and a view of the health to our environment, our bodies.  Each of us finding meaning, and purpose in maintaining healthy gardens through composting.  At the end compost barrels were made available to all the attendees for a very reasonable price of $22.00.  Tony accepted donations and in turn you could have your pick of any of the lush baskets he brought as samples of what we all can accomplish.


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