My composting class goes to college!

  • November 3, 2011
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Have classes and shovel.Will travel! If you love to GROW a PRODUCTIVE garden or want to LEARN how to start one , let us talk?

When I started my Organic Gardening classes at community gardens I did not expect that one day a College will host my classes.It happened last month on October 15,2011.Out of seven community gardens I cofounded or contributed in bringing into life one is still breathing.The rest ? RIP..I will explain to you why in a future news letter!
To prove to you that Education and Urban Farming go hand on hand to uplift our MINDF/SOUL with AWARENESS as well as to bring back Organic SOIL into our HANDS/BODY :I attach a document .The PBSC evaluation of my class by the students who attended the Palm Beach State College -Green Expo ,it speaks for itself ,like they say :Numbers do not lie!!

So what?

Education is of the essence. To transform awareness into consciousness , it takes time and work..This will happen when we bring back the FARMING SPIRIT INTO OUR HOMES and start PRODUCING OUR OWN FOOD .JUST LIKE WE USED TO DO BACK… IN HISTORY.Money does not grow on TREES.Neither TREES can grow from money.Trees and Veggies grow in gardens and farms.They need compost and ,earth,water and addition to our green thumbs and dirt covered hands .

Shall we say farming has become history ?Back in history ,we imported slaves from Africa to our plantations..Now at PRESENT we allowed migrant farmers to do the same SWEAT SHOP job .While we enjoyed the luxury of air conditioned rooms they dug the dirt and sweat the sweat so that we will be able to eat tomatoes ripened with growth hormones like ETHYLENE!!Wonder why tomatoes LOOK like tomatoes but don’t taste like them?

In the age of INFORMATION and computers our hands and fingers are now touching screens and IT gadgets ,but not soil.The EARTH used to grow our food .Now Factory Farms and Labs are doing it.Tablets of vitamins and “food” energy capsules.Wonder why we are being transformed into machines ?

Back to the garden will be the NEXT BACK to school call!

Urban farmers will be the next job creation .Farmers will be graduating from schools ,and urban farms will take over the Factory Farms.If you want to be free and your own, grow your own…!The inside of you is as precious as the outside or shall you spend money on signature clothes and homes and things ,while your body /mind is fed junk !!!You decide!Your inside is as precious …