Here are some of my Observations from lately doing a consultation to a Raised Bed Garden both at a community garden and a private backyard .

A Problem vs B solution approach.

I-Private Backyard Previously built by farmer X:


1-Raised beds RB were built six inch high on top of plastic cover sheet to deter weeds and roots.

2-Land topography was sliding a downward slope. No action for correction of sloping ground initially.

3-RB Location was surrounded by trees,shrubbs and lawn grass .Underground roots were rampant.

4-Tree branches were blocking sun and covering the sky space above the raised beds .Leaves and debris were falling at the Raised bed garden and disturbing plant growth.

5-Soil ground was not dug to excavate roots and debris.

6-RB added soil mix lacked :nutrients,organic matter,friendly soil worms organisms and loaded with perlites and weeds seeds.

7-Irrigation system used was decorative/ornamental rather than practical.

B-The solution-Remedial work:

1-New raised beds were introduced by adding extra height to the existing RB structure .This was necessary to protect top soil nutrients from overflooding and secure more room depth for root system .Before RB looked like a BONSAI compartment with plants like ELEPHANT plants dwarfed in a BONSAI way due !

2-Land to topography was corrected to secure and establish RB base and prevent loss of soil nutrients irrigation deviation and provide more structural balance.

3-Raised beds were relocated and rearranged to asuitable location.

4-Trees were trimmed,and some RB raised beds were relocated to sunny and less invassive ground .

5-Ground was dug below the Raised Beds and invassive roots and debris were removed.

6-Organic matter and nutrients were added to enrich the soil. Weeds and debris and roots were dug out.

7-A new irrigation system was put in place .

It was a second hand attempt remedial work to a raised bed designed and executed with so many flaws initially by a professional X who collected a good sum of money and left the homeowner with a raised bed garden with lots of weeds to say the least!

My consultation advice to new comers to S. Florida: Do a professional background check on whoever you hire to set up an organic garden prior to blindly .Find out about education and experience and ask for samples of previous work !