Florida has just experienced another threat of a tropical storm :Irene.It was projected to be a category 4 Hurricane and it  did not happen !

It ended up heading towards the Carolinas.

Fear and ignorance are the MAIN  negative emotions that keep us away from reaching out to fulfil our goals.Succumbing and giving in to the bad habits of: Stereotyping,hearsay,rumors,he said she said eyc type of “RATIONAL” leads us to same destination of NO WHERE!

So for those who have  phobias , fed by watching TV and reading main stream media news , it is time to break that indoor static oppsessive and OBESIVE habit and head outdoors! It is about time since procrastinating for so long about growing your own food in the tropics of S.Florida !

If I could do  it,so can you!

I say:Flush out your fears first!Then replace your ignorance with AWARENESS organic gardening classes!Here is one class for those who love FREE stuff:

Composting class offered on September 10th at Lake Worth.Where the TROPICS BEGIN!More details at my web link below!

Taking a class on growing your own food even if you have no backyard garden is an important step to come close to your goal of URBAN FARMING.

The Options:

If you live in an apartment or studio :Small space productive gardening in S.Florida might be an alternative to choose instead of buying your expensive organic produce .If you lose your job or home and get evicted , then you may salvage your container garden and take it with you!

Growing herbs and vegetables in containers suits the Home of the Hurricanes state.You can move your container garden to safety if a Hurricane hits!

There are so many ways and places   to garden even if you do not have access for a garden.Here are some options:Your patio,balcony,door entrance,kitchen ,roof top  or at a  community garden near by .I have done so  for the last twenty years and I had lots of food  without even owning a property!

For the small space :You can use trellis,hanging baskets,pots as a portable garden medium.

The challenges:

Lack of organic gardening awareness is the most common challenge especially for new comers to S,.Florida.Take a class on organic gardening and dispel the challenge.The tropical heat,humidity,mosquitos and pests etc  are another challenge from Mother Nature.I can teach you how to deal with them , and turn the Lemon into Lemonade!

The possibilities:

Growing your own food is a possibility if you choose to convert the challenges into a solution for your health and financial issues.Can not afford the expensive organic  produce anymore?Try to grow them,  even in your limited space area.I can teach you how this coming Saturday.Be open.Be patient.Be positive!

More details about my classes :Read Natural Awakening PBC Magazine or visit my  below web @:


I have contributed in growing and teaching organic gardening at seven community gardens for the last twenty years .I remember growing organic crops at a community garden land owned by a S.Florida city for 9 years .More than forty families had plots and contributed in transforming the  neglected minority neighborhood and crime infested city plot into a flourishing /organic FERTILE soil enriched  community garden.It  was later on turned into a LAND FILL LOT by the city.In a TWEEK quick WIMP decision ,they cancelled the TOIL of a decade of farming /labor / fertile soil building /for   a dumping site  land fill!

Here is another similar situation to take lesson from and it is just happening right now.Another city is trying to destroy another fertile farm land to build on it a football field: