The sizzling summer is on in S.Florida .Welcome to our garden where for every season we have our own growin reason..Now start weeding and mowing and pruning and of course fighting the summer garden bugs especially the infamous white fly that is infesting S.Florida gardens.

Bugs and mosquitos thrive and abide during the summer “EXCESSIVELY” hot/rainy/humid summer season here.No wonder why the Hurricane season this year is expected to be exceeding expectations !More than SEVENTEEN Tropical Storfms are predicted for the season with four to be named as MAJOR HURRICANES.It is time to be prepared for the garden as well and the best thing to start is :

1-Trimming and Prunning:Take away those dead branches and excessive vegetation population that might turn into PROJECTILES when the storm hits the garden.

2-Prevention is the key note to fight garden bugs and mosquitos:Spray your organic garden with Garlic water , Neem oil,Insecticidal soap and more of the eco-friendly garden products to reduce the population of the aphids ,nematodes.

A) Aphids:Those tiny winged mighty small mites and insects like the White Fly for instance .They fly and attack the LEAVES and mostly the aerial parts of the plant sucking sap and chewing leaves and secreting kind of a insect honey dew that becomes a safe home for mold to live in..Retaliate by using especially NEEM OIL ,Garlic Water,and other eco friendly non-synthetic pesticides like Natural grain alcohol, Alkaline water,Castile soap,Kitchen spices,garden grown complimentary herbs,,essential oils etc…Experiment in minute quantities .

I personally prefer using Neem oil ,it is a universal natural pesticides :Friendly to many friendly bugs like the lady bug ,but lethal to other predators like the White Fly and many Florida mosquitos that thrive during the hot summer.

B)Nematodes:Those are microscopic worms that exceed more than 80 varieties of soil laden organisms ,they attack the ROOTS of the plant forming knots and creating a barrier for the plant to absorb water and soil nutrients through the root system..I personally combat the soil predators with organic amendments like worm castings,organic matter like composted manures,cover crops like peas ,beans and sweat potato crops.Another old fashioned tradition to NEITRALIZE the soil and get rid of NEMATODES is to bake the soil either in oven or SOLARIZE it using a special soil tarp to trap heat in the soil.

3-Weed Control :As the rain pours on the weeds grow more.To retard weeds population revert to MULCH.Simply add mulch and cover the soil with Card Boards before you do so.A double benefits to the soil .

4-Add Mellipedes to the garden soil:Those beautiful worms enrich the soil with worm poop and help to restore humus .Ask me how.

5-Add garden knowledge :Take more classes on organic gardening for South Florida.Here in Florida farming and gardening is different but not difficult.It is good to know before you grow!Come to my ongoing gardening classes.

6-Save on the water bill:Use rain harvesting barrels to irrigate the garden.Avoid violating the water restrictions on place .Check out with local governments for water restrictions in your area.

7-Start a Composting site:Summer in S.Florida is the best time to compost.Excessive heat,rain,humidity work best on turning yard waste and kitchen vegetable and fruit refuse ,into compost/organic matter to enrich the backyard garden soil for FREE!

8-Add Organic Amendments to the garden:Summer is the season to enrich the garden soil with organic matter ,natural minerals ,manures.

9-Clean up and remove garden clutter:Dead branches,garden waste,old rotten wood and other sick plants will make a perfect home for garden predators.Get rid of garden clutter and clean up your garden act.

10-Turn your expensive lawn garden into a productive organic vegetable garden:Throw a garden party to make it happen :Invite your family and friends for a Hands On “FOOD GROWING “Party .Harvest weeds like Dandelion and make FREE salads .Turn yard leaves into mulch,family and friend provide FREE labor of LOVE with less money spent on hiring maintenance labor .If you live in S.Florida:Contact us for a gardening consultation or questions -AT-:guerreroantonio16@gmail-DOT-com

Happy summer gardening!