It is not too late to learn how to grow your own food and medicinal herb garden.

Now people are rushing more than ever to learn the process of being self sufficient after being hit hard in their pockets.

We have ongoing organic gardening classes that suits your budget and we can help you jump start a garden from scratch !

Are you still procrastinating and hybernating ?

Here is one reputable web site to WAKE YOU UP and convince you why it is important to start a garden and grow your own food:

Take it from a horticulturist expert .It take time ,effort,space,budget,and LEARNING to start a garden.Rushing to the garden center to buy accessories and materials will not be enough.First you need to learn the Organic Gardenning Process of growing food in the TROPICS , especially if you live in South Florida.

Here are the basics that you need to consider:

1-Start small , preferably growing in containers from seeds.Shoose HEIRLUM seeds or buy seedlings from a local Urban Farmer or a reliable source that does not use chemical fertilizers .If you have no access for land check out a community garden near you.For a listing of community gardens in Palm Beach County contact us for suggestions and advice.

2-Sign up for an organic Gardenning Class offered by a local urban farmer near you.We offer ongoing Organic Gardenning Classes .More details at “Mark Your Calender” -Natural Awakening Magazine-PBC edition , or simply visit:

3-Look for recycled containers before you buy new ones.Here are the best recycled containers to choose from:Municipal old recycling bins-used nursery pots-old bath tubs-old terra cotta.Best purchased containers are: Half wine barrels or natural non treated wooden boxes-Remember thatS. Florida is a tropical region with exessive heat and best for your root system plants are wooden containers that retain moisture and cool the root system.

4-Prepare your own soil:Use mainly composted manure,compost recycled from your yard and kitchen.Add ammendments to enrich soil and add nutrients from Organic sources like:Bone and blood meal.sea weed,horse manure ,coffee grounds ,fish emulsion,worm castings etc ..

5-Soil testing for proper Ph:Plants usually prefer a nutral Ph to grow between 5.5 and 6.5.Usually the soil at the coastal areas are acidic .Add calcium and lime to offset the acidity and make the soil more alkaline .I beleive that we need to focus more attention on TRACE MINERALS like Magnesium,sulfur,boron,zinc stc..What we have learned from the mainstream horticultural schools and Agri-business is to utterly deal with N-P-K formula of Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium.In Europe they have been paying more attention to minerals and we need to heed the new approach by the Europeans!

6-The Golden Rule usually is :Those who have the gold Rule??Right..Well, it does not work that easy when you want to follow the Organic Gardenning process which rules that Natural Laws Rule.Among these laws are to use Organic sources especially to keep adding ORGANIC MATTER…The rest is keep MAINTAING the garden and never abandon it .Plants are like people.They demand ATTENTION and TLC.Try to neglect a loved one and see what follows???