Why the compost machine is so much in demand in S.Florida.??It takes minimum efforts to operate.Just make sure that you know how to mow your garden trash and grind your kitchen scraps before you add into the Compost Machine.

Operating a compost BIN is not so complicated , the secret is HOW TO COMPOST the RIGHT WAY?Learning from Certified and Experienced Horticulturists helps a lot!Ask my students and read their reviews at my below web!

I am facilitating a FREE COMPOSTING Class for my regular GARDENING students .Why not join us, if you live in S.Florida?The growing season is imminent!

I believe in giving back to the community, so I give away my experience,knowledge and time to teach garden enthusiasts to transform trash into cash or in other words :Garbage into Garden!

Learning from books and false prophets who claim to be EXPERTS in gardening just because they read so many garden books is not enough!

Got to learn the HANDS ON way…  Join my classes every month for FREE.This is my way of saying THANK YOU .Sharing my organic KNOW HOW in times of LESS MONEY , and LESS JOBS , LESS  LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC AFFORDABLE FOOD is the answer to our need for a BOUNTIFUL AGRICULTURAL society of LESSER INDUSTRIAL GREED !