Why Green Awareness is a pre-requisite to Sustainable Living?

Let my Educational green work answer and not simply my words!

Talk is cheap they say…But walking your talk or walking the walk is the real thing!

Don’t ask me about how many successes I had , but rather how many times I fell and failed and kept on trying to succeed .When there is a “Will , there is a Way” . Persistence, repetition, and endurance have their merits in EDUCATION!

Why Lake Worth to start with? It was there where m first Organic Gardening Workshop sponsored by CDC , took place at Chief Sitting Bull Organic Community garden back in 2003.

Also it was there where I fascilitated ” Composting 101″ at the Palm Beach State College at their Green expo 2011 and prior to that I offered a series of composting workshop for the City of Lake Worth 2010-2011.

Then came the third wave of classes in 2013, I was invited to the Lake Worth Public library last October .Talking about library classes, I want to mention the series of gardening workshops at the Mendell WPB public library.

The last library series Organic Gardening workshop was at Boca Raton .All of the above were FREE .Giving back to the community is the RIGHT THING to do ..and say” THANK YOU” in action!!

Your library ,church , synagogue , community center , wellness center ,hospital , school ,Yoga Center, and non -profit organization is next. Simply send us a reply if you are interested or just mention to erase your address from our email list. Our classes and workshops are FREE for non-profit organizations.

The classes are ongoing and continue to be advertised at my web :localharvest.org/farms/M20618 or at the Natural Awakening Magazine PBC edition:” Mark Your Calender” section..

Many heart felt “Thanks You” to those who supported and sponsored my workshops classes. They know who they are

I was fortunate enough , my workshop coincided time wise with the efforts by the city of Lake Worth to put a control lid on the FREE utilization of Chemical Fertilizers through a “Fertilizer Friendly” ordinance, in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ..

As reported by the Lake Worth Herald (issue #42 October 17 ,2013,page 10):”Phosphorous and nitrogen ,the primary nutrients associated with the degradation of surface water ,are commonly the primary components of fertilizers for turf and landscape application.”

I believe in EDUCATING the public on Local Organic Gardening to raise the GREEN AWARENESS. We can change the world one local garden at a time ,growing greens that replenish our air and soil and create a GREENER ENVIRONMENT for our children.

I have been Urban farming/gardening and fascilitating workshops since I graduated from UF Master Gardener Program back in 2001. I believe in LOCALLY GROWN EDUCATION Tropical Horticultural Education and Hands On Farming Experience in S. Florida are complementary and go hand in hand .

You need to learn “Farming and Gardening” the S. Florida Tropical way , from someone who lived,studied and worked the S. Florida soil. Tropical farming is different but not difficult! The teacher will show up when the student is ready. Are you ready?

For presentations and classes :You may visit one of my gardens at YOU TUBE Tony Dagher Urban Gardener or contact me at : www,localharvest.org/farms/M20618

Let us work together for a GREENER and Healthier World .Thank you for supporting Local Green Sustainability ,urban gardening education included!!

We take pride for having an organic vegetable garden now in existence at the White House ,we also remember our Founding Fathers Farmers Jefferson and Washington who inspire us always to grow our own food .