Here in south Florida , the climate of excessive heat/humidity and precipitation acts as a catalyst for growing spices and heat loving herbs.

Since ancient times , man and women used herbs  for their effective properties in culinary and medicinal recipes.

Herbs are potent and contain mega doses of vitamins and minerals when compared with vegetables.So when in use :Do not overdose and abuse.Small quantity is enough .

Heat loving herbs like basil,rosemary,sage have spiritiual meaning besides their culinary and medicinal values.Lovers love BASIL.Spirituals revere SAGE.Rose mary serves as an exceptional ANTI-OXIDANT and is good as REJEUVINATOR for  body mind and spirit .

There are CHALLENGES in growing herbs in south Florida.Mainly the soil is acidic and deficient in minerals.Therefore , before you think of growing herbs, think twice about your best soil to use.I grow and make my own herbs and soil!You can do it as well.