Instead of killing time by just talking and printing junk thoughts or words , let us for a moment consider being truthful to ourhearts,souls and thoughts by just telling them the way we think them.I am not talking Frueian,Goethe otr Aristotle.I just want to think loud and admire social justice leaders like Ghandi for examplewhose birthday falls next month October.

Social justice in the farm and you remember the slaves in the plantations of America during the slavery ERA.Social justice in todays farm and you tell the tales of the sufferings of the migrant farmers .Social justice is not just a DREAM of Martin Luther King Jr or any human being who has been treated  for less than a human being..Why we gardeners and farmers always feel more than any other being on earth thevalue of social justice?Simply because we are the meek who shall inherit the EARTH!

Jesus Christ parables used the mustard seed and the fig tree metaphors to teach us about how much power we have if and only if WE BELEIVED and had FAITH.THOUGHTS are also subject to the NATURAL LAWS .Just like Gravity governing the laws of quantum physics or simply the earth matter, spiritual gravity governs our metaphysical realm of our SOUL.We farmers and gardeners are the ones entrusted with “earthkeeping” and tending the soil with our hands and hearts..

From Emerson to Ghandi to Jefferson and Washington ..and many more who chose to immerse their thoughts into the depth of the soil reaching out to the hidden truths of our human existance.Buddha left the palce to live under the tree.How many of us are aware of the life force surrounding us and manifested in plants and animals .

The native Americans lived in nature,with nature and nature was part of their spirituality if not the one that inspired their medicine men to be their spiritual leaders.

Native American Medicine men are simply known as the INTERPRETERS .Theyu communicated with animals and plants and therefore they were able to heal just like Jesus did.He lived in the garden and was taken for crucifiction from the garden.Social justice seeds are loooking for home.May be it is your farm or your garden?