Wonder why most of your family ,friends ,work colleagues and acquaintances etc are hating and halting their love more than ever you could remember?

Here are some FINANCIAL reasons why we are stressed out best portrayed in the below :


I personally found this solution way back before the deep financial meltdown and debt default debate.I went through the whole process of stress when I lost my job with a multi-national multi-billlion Hi-Tech corporation.

Now it is your turn to feel the heat of the multi faceted melt down , so you needed to understand why it is happening to you next?

The solution lies in the garden and the farm.Troubled  mind , mental distress ,incessant greed and other negative emotions cease as you switch off all the gadgets ,you stop running after numbers and papers and doing things.Stop , to smell the roses or the herbs if you can not afford roses!Just halt..take deep breath and go outdoors to experience garden therapy!

Gardening was the solution back in the previous depression not just to fill our stomach with much needed and scarce food, but to employ our unemployed hands and empty our heads of anxiety pranks , fears and stress related degenerations ..

Read the news papers and the STRESS level goes up skyrocketing …So ,try something else other than the pills that just are  numbing your nerves for now..Try gardening..and see for yourself..Touch the soil and your spirit and soul will be  uplifted without the need for intoxicating “spirits” or the never ending verbal profanity barrages!!

Need more convincing scientific proof? Here we go: