The future is set on Legal Immigrants Farmers to replace the Illegal Migrant Farmers.There is an EXODUS of illegal migrant farmers here in the US , goung back back home to Mexico and central and south America.

The immigration laws set by the STAES like Arizona,Alabama,California,Georgia etc..are encouraging immigrant farmers to migrate back home .Who will be the hands to replace those farmers is the question yet to be answered?

Here is a report by the NYT that sheds a light on the alternatives:

The case is not just so easy to tackle.Controversy is always the answer.Many alternatives chief among those in the short run will focus on Legal Immigrants and Refugees  skilled farming hands and education .

In the long term, focus should be on EDUCATING our young generation to take Farming Jobs SERIOUSLY!

As we hear a lot of TALK on CREATING JOBS , we barley mention anything about incentives,stimulus,fringe benefits that are essentially needed to be allocated to Farmin Jobs to attract more Americans to fill in the THE BLANK!!!