• November 24, 2014
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I am an Urban Farmer and I believe in the MEANINGS of the  Holidays , whichever you believe in or not! For me personally ,THANKSGIVING,is  a Time to celebrate the PHYSICAL FALL  HARVEST together as a family of growers(illegal migrant farmers or legal  family  farmers alike) or ALL workers  who produce!


Next follows: CHRISTMASS or HANUKAH or DIWALI or.. you name it Holliday you celebrate (All having  common celebration of THE  the  LIGHTS).. ,together we celebrate the SPIRITUAL BIRTH/ ENLIGHTENMENT /AWAKENING  !   I look at the Hollidays as opportunities to COME TOGETHER as one  HUMAN Family and  REACH for EACH others >Mostly to those who  out for those who have struggle or suffer both physically or Spiritually and say or do something GOOD to LIFT THEM UP .Those who have less or don’t have or who lost what they had ,  like the homeless.jobless,sick, elders,veterans,abused,hungry.and who you name ?


In times of tribulations whether  socio/economic man ,made disasters like wars  or NATURE  Made disasters like Flooding  :We humans awake to the fact that we are VULNERABLE!


This THANKSGIVING , I remember my first blog at LOCAL HARVEST back in 2009.It was something new for me to blog for the first time .I did not know where to start or what to say.Local Harvest suggested I say or write something about THANKSGIVING..I still hesitated for I was really struggling after I lost a land I was farming and my van ..It was the first time I felt so  vulnerable with a double dip  deep-recession churning and draining  away my savings  .While the economy continued the down dipping  to the present day .I asked myself whats new to say or write about before the Holidays??/Whats new for  farmers ??


I tried to remember  the challenges back in 2009 the first time I blogged ,  and compare with today’s upgraded challenges. I fell upon  this blog:





Today I wanted to blog and say or write something  on the meanings of the  Hollidays . I fell upon this article at the Palm Beach Post that really inspired me, check it out:



I fell upon another GIVING DEED which inspired me as well to share with you, please check it out :


As I sit down and try to spell more words on Thanks giving and Christmas and..I remember YOU!


I just wanted to say THANK you for contributing in GOOD words and deeds to the cause of URBAN FARMERS or helped in any  way to support local FARMERS .I watched a movie lately :   ‘INTERSTELARS “.THE TRAVELERS BETWEEN STARS!Go and watch it . I guarantee you will like it and give it at least , four stars! IT started and ended the scenes talking about farmers , the much needed even more than ENGINEERS…Does this sound a bell?How is your food garden doing or growing , by the way?


Food for thoughts as we contemplate those words before the Hollidays , let us come HOME together as one Human Family and  eat dinner and GIVE THANKS .Take heed from the President and PARDON a turkey! Or better  forgive and GIVE to  a human being who is less fortunate than you! .


Happy Thanks… GIVING.


Tony ..You local Urban Farmer